Reading the Signs .  28 x 21 .  Oil on panel .  $1,400

Desert Spring .  12 x 24 .  Oil on panel .  $985

Below the Surface .  24 x 24 .  Oil on canvas .  $1,600

Leap Frog  36 x 48  Oil  $3,600

Lost Messages  36 x 48  Oil  $3,600

Dreamscape #1  16 x 12  Oil on panel   $600

Dreamscape #2  16 x 12  Oil on panel   $600

Tide Pools  36 x 36  Oil  $2,700

Sundance  12" x 9" Oil $450

Flying Fish  12" x 9" Oil $450

Moon Magic  8" x 8" Oil $425

Double Take 8" x 8" Oil $425

Tall Tales  36 x 40  Oil  $2,500  (SOLD)



Artist's Statement

My love of nature has formed my life. I have always found mystery and magic in beautiful and wild places around this amazing planet. Having spent 30 years painting the landscape imprinted me in so many ways. Although my present work is not representational it is inspired by the immersion of my life in the natural world. I am intrigued by those things in nature observed as well as the things hidden but sensed. I love the subtleties of things in the natural world. They make you really look deeply sometimes or whisper to you from out of nowhere at other times. Reflections, things fading and coming to life are elements that move me. As I paint I work with these elements hidden then perhaps revealed. It is mystery that I paint about. It is the mystery of nature and of my life that has moved me to paint from my emotional world, to explore my inner connection to that world and to better understand my place in it.


I hope that I can share some of these feelings and explorations with those who view my work.


19501 144th Ave NE  Suite B400

Woodinville, WA 98072