Stuart Dunkel

Fig Festival   6 x 12   Oil  $1,800

New Mustache  4 x 5   Oil  $600  (SOLD)

More Good Stuff   5 x 7   Oil  $800

Behind Bars  5" x 7" Oil $800

Safe Place  8 x 6 Oil $800

Umbrella  5 x 4 Oil $600

Pushy  4" x 5" Oil $600

Unraveled 4 x 5 Oil $600

First Bite  4" x 5" Oil $600

Key Master 4 x 5 Oil $600



My paintings are autobiographical. They reflect and explore issues in my life. I like to transpose my philosophical ideas into the creation of still life, animal, and landscape paintings. I cherish the teachings and procedures of the old masters, especially the Dutch painters, and encourage my students to explore and continue with these rich traditions. I seek to achieve strong, balanced, and interesting compositions, using movement to lead the viewer through my work. Looking at my art, I would like a collector to find a secret place within them where they discover the knowledge and truth of joy, optimism, humor and playfulness, as well as a sense of classical balance and beauty.

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