Romona Youngquist

Days End    16 x 20  Oil   $3,000  (SOLD)

Summer In the Garden    24 x 20  Oil   $4,200

Sunny Summer Day    14 x 18  Oil   $2,750  (SOLD)

Old Barn in Autumn 36 x 48 Oil $9,500

Roadside Hollyhocks   23 x 36 Oil $4,900   (SOLD)

Countryside Antique   20 x 24 Oil $4,200

Spring Is Finally Here   40 x 40 Oil $9,000   (SOLD)

Summer Afternoon   22 x 36 Oil $4,800  (SOLD)

Amber Light    30 x 30 Oil $5,500  (SOLD)

The Road Home   12 x 16    Oil   $2,000  (SOLD)

Summer Zinnias   9 x 12 Oil  $1,500  (SOLD)

Light on the Farm  10 x 17 Oil $2,000

Harvest Season   8 x 10    Oil   $1,300  (SOLD)

Autumn At the Refuge   14 x 18    Oil   $2,750

Autumn Snow   18 x 14    Oil   $2,750

Nearby Farm 48 x 60 Oil $15,500  (SOLD)

Romona Youngquist was born in1960 in Yuba City, California, but grew up in rural Oklahoma. Youngquist started out in life as a child of nature, spending her time exploring the woods with her dog and collecting critters. While exploring, she found herself immersed in the design and colors of nature. She recalls many times standing in a field just staring in fascination at the values of the deciduous trees against a dark Oklahoma sky before a storm, then rushing home to draw what she had seen.


Essentially self-taught, she attributes nature as one of her most valuable teachers. She has also studied with several leading landscape painters including Michael Gibbons and Michael Workman, learning many valuable lessons that helped her to develop her own individual style. She also admires the work of Russell Chatham, Emil Carlson and Wolfe Kahn and is inspired by the beauty of simplicity and atmosphere in their works. Now in her fifties, she has firmly established herself with galleries and collectors throughout the US and has been honored with numerous accolades and awards.


Success has not changed her lifestyle much since those early days. She lives on a little farm with her family in the wine country of Oregon, spends lots of time out in nature gathering inspiration and still collects a wide range of critters. When she isn't painting outside, she's working in her studio listening to her favorite music, Bach, Handel and Mozart.

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