Richard Boyer

First Avenue at Night 18x30  Oil   $3600.


Smith Tower   30x30  Oil    $ 6500

Seattle - Exiting the Viaduct   10 x 16 Oil $1,700

Seattle - Under 99   10 x 16 Oil $1,700

Seattle Docks   24 x 24 Oil $3,600  (SOLD)

Seattle Harbor   12 x 24  Oil $2,400

Pike Street & 1st Ave   20 x 20 Oil  $3,200

Coffee Shop  8 x 12 oil $950

Coffee Break   8 x 12 oil $950

Day At the Beach    8 x 16  Oil .  $950 .  (SOLD)

Kite Flying    8 x 16  Oil .  $950

Walk on the Beach    8 x 16  Oil .  $950

Town of Gordes, Provence  30 x 40  Oil  $6,800

La Coste, Provence  12 x 16  Oil  $1,800  (SOLD)

Luberon Wine Valley  12 x 16  Oil  $1,800  (SOLD)

Supply Barge In Brugge    24 x 36 Oil $5,800 .  (SOLD)

Steps to the Monastery 30 x 24 Oil $5,600

Boat Repair in Copenhagen 24 x 36 Oil $5,800

Columbia Street, Seattle   16 x 16 Oil $2,600 (SOLD)

First Avenue and Union, Seattle   16 x 16 Oil $2,600  (SOLD)

RICHARD BOYERRichard Boyer’s work is represented in galleries throughout the United States and Europe. His oil paintings utilize a traditional approach to painting — his subjects vary from studies of the figure to busy European harbors, from quaint village streets scenes to the American landscapes.


Richard’s love of art drove him to explore painting techniques at the early age of nine in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. In 1976 Richard’s interests in mountain climbing and skiing lead him west to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Art at the University of Utah. There Richard’s painting technique was most influenced by an English portrait master, Alvin Gittens. Gittens’ brilliance with color and accuracy in rendering objects helped develop Richard’s painting direction.


After earning his degree in 1981 Richard’s wanderlust took him to Kiel, Germany where he studied languages and used the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In 1984 he left Kiel for the faster life-style of West Berlin, which provided a rich backdrop for experimentation in his painting style. There he lived the bohemian life with other German artists painting the harsh reality of a city trapped behind the iron curtain.


Since 1988 Richard divides his time between Salt Lake City and Stockholm, Sweden, the native home of his wife Karin. He still travels frequently to Germany to organize exhibitions of his work and to further develop contact with his collectors.


Boyer was recently honored with the Judge’s Choice Award for Arts For the Parks exhibition and he also exhibited with Oil Painters of America.


19501 144th Ave NE  Suite B400

Woodinville, WA 98072