Rich Bowman

Dreamer's Eve  10 x 16  Oil  $1,800 (SOLD)

Purple Cove  14 x 11  Oil  $1,600

Purple Creek 14 x 11  Oil  $1,600

Grand Adventure   40 x 40 Oil $5,900

Lit From the Other Side   20 x 20 Oil $2,900

Can't Let It Go  28 x 30 Oil $4,200

Sunkissed I   12 x 12 Oil $1,600

Sunkissed II  12 x 12 Oil $1,600

Snap Dragon  10 x 10 Oil $1,400

Rain Drops, Quiet Waters   36 x 36 Oil $4,500

Bending to the Night   36 x 36 Oil $4,800

Red Sky At Night III   10 x 8 Oil $1,000

Red Sky At Night I  10 x 8 Oil $1,000

Deep Bend   16 x 16 Oil $2,000

Artist Statement :


For my entire life I have been inspired by the sky and its endless, ever-changing expressions. Its color transitions, temperatures, shapes, cloud formations and sheer vastness has always captured my imagination and drawn my attention. The sky's ability to cast an emotion is what has held my artistic concentration for almost 10 years now. Its emotional hold on the land and everything it hovers over, including myself, continues to fascinate me and drive my obsession. About the time I think my passion is waning, the sky surprises me with something new and challenging.


This new group of paintings was inspired by recent trips out West. Through plein-air studies, photos, and personal accounts I've created these new works which have expanded my creative horizon.


"The breathtaking skyscapes of Rich Bowman are likely to linger in your conscious much longer that the actual clouds in the sky. There is a distinct beauty and familiarity about his work that strikes a chord with the viewers no matter where they've grown up or where they live. Bowman's work is universal. This exhibition, show chases many of his newest works which reveal the layers of his magical compositions. The broad sweep of his skies is compelling and these works must be seen in person to be truly appreciated."


American Art Collector Magazine, March 2007

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