Michael Ferguson

Summit Chief Tarn 45 x 60 Acrylic $8,000
 Cascades In April 25 x 33 Acrylic $3,800
A Lake in the Pasayten Wilderness 30 x 32 Acrylic $4,200

From Sunrise - Mt. Rainier   33 x 25  Acrylic   $3,800

   Shovel Lake Stream  33 x 25  Acrylic   $3,800

Cardinal Basin   32 x 30  Acrylic   $4,200

Copper River Vista   33 x 25  Acrylic   $3,800

Source Creek   43 x 31  Acrylic   $4,600

Humpback Mountain   31 x 43  Acrylic   $4,600

Wave Crash 31 x 43 Acrylic  (SOLD)

Owen Beach 25" x 33" Acrylic $ 3,800

Gem Lake 24 x 33 Acrylic $3,800

Late September 32 x 30 Acrylic $4,200

Bessemer Fall 32 x 30 Acrylic $4,200

Peas and Daisies 31 x 43 Acrylic $4,600  (SOLD)

Trinidad Rock 32 x 30 Acrylic $4,200

Daisies At Trinidad, CA 11 x 13 Oil $900

Tongue Point Stream 11 x 13 Oil $900

From the Rock 11 x 13 Oil $900

Valley Smoke  30 x 32 Acrylic $4,200

Lupine Bend 25 x 33 Acrylic $3,800

Williams Lake   45 x 65 Acrylic $8,000

Granite Lakes Trail  33 x 25 Acrylic   (SOLD)

Around Glacier Peak II 30 x 32 Acrylic $4,200

Route to Glacier Lake 31 x 43 Acrylic $4,600

Michael Ferguson was born in Seattle, Washington in 1958. In 1979 he graduated from the Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle and went directly to work for Battell Labs in Richland, Washington. At Battell and later at the Boeing company in Renton, Washington Michael’s creative skills were used in a variety of ways. In 1988 a desire for full-time painting prevailed.


Galleries as far as Naples, Florida have represented his work and collectors are scattered world wide. Michael’s paintings and linocuts are represented by galleries in Washington and Oregon, as well as various national juried shows.


Artist’s Statement:

Mountains, ocean and desert abound. As a Northwest native, it’s not surprising that I gain so much inspiration for my landscape work from this rich perspective.

For centuries artists have painted the world around them. I’m compelled to follow this tradition as well. Using various mediums both in the home studio and in the field, I bring to life thoughtful and vibrant interpretations of the landscapes.

My painting approach is fundamentally representational. The reality of the scene is readily apparent, followed by a fracturing of shape and color upon closer inspection. I enjoy using the oil medium for field painting during assorted road trips and hikes. Outdoor painting encourages a more impressionistic and suggestive quality due to the ever-changing conditions. This is the direct link to the landscape so I often use these oil paintings and my observations for later studio work. The more controlled home studio environment allows me to create a richer and more personal view, typically on board or canvas and on a larger scale.

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