Mark Boyle

Solitude At Sunset  24 x 36  Oil  $3,800

Clearing Storm at Ocean Shores by Mark Boyle . 48 x 36 Oil .  $6,400

Aspen Symmetry   14 x 11  Oil .  $1,275

Morning Walk    11 x 14  Oil .  $1,200

Side Light by Mark Boyle   12 x 16  Oil .  $1,675 .  (SOLD)

Homeward Bound by Mark Boyle . 12 x 16 Oil .  $1,375

Ocean Shores, Golden Light    16 x 20  Oil  $2,275

Mosquito Creek   12x16  Oil  $1,400

Flyfishing at Sunset   10 x 12  Oil  $1,200

Hurricane Ridge Light  -   9 x 12  Oil  $1,200

Second Beach Glow  22 x 28  Oil  $3,200

Back Cast   10 x 20   Oil  $1,750  (SOLD)

High Mountain Pond   20 x 16  Oil  $2,000  (SOLD)

Heading Out   36 x 48  Oil   $ 6,400  (SOLD)

Mark Boyle - As a young artist Mark Boyle was inspired to paint at the age of 11. His parents employed professional artists to tutor him at this early age. He continued this by later studying under the influence of Jeremy Lipking, Ned Mueller, William Reese and many others. More recently Boyle traveled to St. Petersburg Russia, with a group of artists to study at the Ilya Repin Institute at the Russian State Academy. This being the same Academy where Repin, Fechin, and Serov honed their skill under strict disciplined art training.


When asked about outdoor painting Boyle says: "Nature impassions me. I am on a constant quest for that perfect subject to paint. During my outdoor adventures, such as hiking or fishing, I am inspired by the things I find. It is an honor to bring home those experiences and share them with others in a painting. One of the most rewarding experiences is to set up an easel on a high mountain meadow and capture the true colors found there. Through photography, I've documented many of my trips into the wilderness. I later use these as references in my paintings.”


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