Raven Royalty .  12 x 12 Oil on papered panel $700

Tranquil Tohee .  10 x 10 Oil on papered panel $700

Rockin' Robbins .  12 x 12 Oil on papered panel $700


Sweet Nectar .  12 x 12 Oil on papered panel $700


Ravens and Roses .  12 x 12 Oil on papered panel $700

Sweet Nectar II  14 x 11 Oil panel (SOLD)

Branch Meeting  24 x 8

Oil on panel $1,600



Lisa Kaplan is an award winning artist. Inspired by her artistic parents. She has been drawing and painting since childhood. Completely self- taught she never stops striving to learn new techniques. Inspiration and passion drive Lisa to explore varied subject matter. Lisa  has a great love of animals and they are frequently the centerpiece of her paintings including African wildlife, birds, and dogs  to name a few. Lisa also specializes in creating custom pet portraits of your beloved four legged companion.


“I personally feel that looking at a painting should be an emotional experience for the viewer. Whether it’s being able to imagine yourself in a beautiful landscape setting or locking eyes with a leopard and getting a sense of its power and beauty.  I think feeling a connection to the painting is what art is all about.”


19501 144th Ave NE  Suite B400

Woodinville, WA 98072