Leo E. Osborne

SPIRALING  RELEASE — 21" H x 7" x 8" Bronze  Edition 20


From densities of earth

releasing at the core,

a whirling dervish,

materializing bird

on the wing

spirals from its center,

outward bound

shimmering in

 it’s centrifugal spin


“Ascent”  36H Bronze


In 50 shades

of blue & green

The Seahawk ascends

in a field of white

Championing the call

into the fire they delve

Summoning the flame

from a number 12

Spiraling to the top

claiming their rightful spot

In the glory of the game

they have attained great fame

“Evocative”  37H” x 16W” Maple burl

with hand-painted lace and 24K gold leaf

Union 16" H x 8" x 5" Bronze

Expecting To Fly 36"H Bronze

Edition 50

Illuminated One 48" H x 10"W Bronze

Owl Riding The Moon
21" H x 11" x 6" Bronze

The Nest 3"H x 5"W bronze

Circle Game With Raven 24" H x 15" x 18"

Bronze, Wood & Acrylic

The Prince 24" L x 20"W x 11"H Bronze Edition 15

Woodland Spirits 16" D x 10"H Bronze Edition 100

Visionary 22" x 22" x 8" Bronze Edition 50

The Messenger 33" x 8" x 8"    Bronze Edition 50

Gathering of Owls   21" x 16" x 11"    Bronze Edition 50

Gathering of Owls   21" x 16" x 11"    Bronze Edition 50

Song of the Pacific Northwest 34" L x 24"W x 14"H Bronze

Eagle Song 21" x 25" x 12" Bronze Edition 30

Leo Osborne can claim many honors for his art, among them numerous Awards Of Excellence from the Society Of Animal Artists and the National Sculpture Society.


Leo has the rare ability to transform quiet moments of the wildlife world into wonderfully unique sculptures. He’s known nationally for his marvelous burl wood pieces as well as his everlasting editions in bronze.


His signature style of emerging birds and animals tell stories of the connection between these creatures of nature and their importance to the environment and to us.


“To let it all flow through me…the mind and spirit goes and the tool walks alone, I become the simple vehicle within which the creative source conveys its sacred, inner being. To be in the constant flow and rhythm of the dance is my true ambition and desire” – LEO

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