Lindsey Kustusch

Page 2 - Birds and other wild things

As the Light Lifted, So Did the Raven    48 x 48  Oil on panel  $ 8,200

In the Shallows    28 x 18  Oil on panel  $ 4,000

Secret Keepers    18 x 42  Oil on panel  $ 5,200

Beneath the Veil of Night      35 x 55  Oil on panel  $ 7,800

Western Tiger Swallowtail (SOLD)

The Royal Walnut Moth

Baeotus Japetus On Brown

African Red Glider

Common Indian Crow on Green

Graphium Chironides  (SOLD)

Common Indian Crow on Yellow

Large Blue Morpho

Small Blue Morpho

The Monarch  (SOLD)

The Indian Yellow Nawab

The Green Swallowtail  (SOLD)

Japetus Baeotus

The Regal Fritillary on Blue

The Paper Kite

The Ulysses On Blue

The Regal Fritillary on Yellow

The Vibrant Sulphur

Papilio Deiphobus

The Giant Swallowtail

Butterfly and Moth Series - 6 x 6  oil on panel - $575 each

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