Kurt Anderson

Garden Peony by Kurt Anderson 12 x 16  Oil  $1,200

Sunset VI by Kurt Anderson 12 x 16  Oil  $980

Rose IV  24 x 24  Oil  $2,200

Study In Blue II  24 x 24  Oil  $2,200

Peonies Red and White  24 x 24  Oil  $2,200

Iris  IV  24 x 24  Oil  $2,200

Calla Lily II  24 x 24  Oil  $2,200

Peony IV  30 x 30  Oil  $2,700  (SOLD)

Rose VI  30 x 30  Oil  $2,700  (SOLD)

Three Yellow Peonies  30 x 30  Oil  $2,700

Orange Tulips  24 x 24  Oil  $2,200 (SOLD)

Kurt Anderson is an oil painter who works in many genres – floral, figurative, portrait and landscape.


These paintings have won him top honors with the Oil Painters of America, the Salon International and the Open Market National.  He also won Grand Prize in International Artist magazine’s 2004 Floral Painting Challenge.


“I try to paint the essence of what I’m seeing, painting only so much detail as is necessary to capture that essence.” Anderson says.  “This concept is, of course, at the center of the naturalist/impressionist tradition in painting.  But it has been my life’s study, and it is the challenge that excites me every time I take up a brush.”


Anderson received his primary artistic education with four years in the traditional atelier (or studio system of  training) under Minneapolis artist Richard Lack. This makes him part of a master-pupil lineage that can be traced back to 19th century masters such as Jacques Louis David.  Anderson received his BA in studio art from the University of Arizona, where he also received a masters degree in accounting.


Anderson is represented in many major collections.  His 20 foot mural "Prairie Sky" is on permanent display at the library of Iowa State University.  His 14 stations of the Cross are included among the important Renaissance masterpieces displayed in the collection of St. Philips In The Hills Episcopal Church in Tucson, Arizona.  Anderson's official portrait commissions range from the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court to the president of Iowa State University.


Articles about Anderson have appeared in The Artist’s Magazine, International Artist, Australian Artist and Southwest Art.  He has been featured in seven books and is author of Realistic Oil Painting Techniques (North Light Books).


In addition to having signature member honors, Anderson is the treasurer of the Oil Painters of America and serves on its board of directors.

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