Kim Matthews Wheaton

Marshland by Mont St Michel 36”x36" Oil $3,600
Pulled Over 12 x 30 Oil $1,050

Abundant Farmland   24 x 60 Oil  $4,400

Normandy Coast   24 x 48  Oil  $3,200

Luminous Clouds   18 x 48 Oil $2,600

Winter Light   18 x 48 Oil $2,600

Winter Quiet 24 x 48 Oil $3,200

Between Cuttings 24 x 48 Oil $3,200

Bright Sky   36 x 48 Oil  $4,000

The Far Ridge   24 x 66 Oil $4,800

Passing Storm 6 x 14 Oil $685

Pastoral Patterns  8.5 x 12 Oil $685

Spring Hillside 22 x 30 Oil $1,850

Start of Spring 18 x 48 Oil $2,500  (SOLD)

Kim Matthews Wheaton - Artist’s Statement

In 1997 I moved to Eastern Washington with my family and was immediately struck by the subtle and magnetic landscape. I found its scale and vastness irresistible with its endless horizons, strong shapes, subtle colors and interesting textures. I wanted to distill them down to their essence without sacrificing the realism of the landscape. I was exhilarated by the challenge of taking a simple palette of primary hues to create the subtle, muted tones of far distant fields and rich vibrant foregrounds and finding ways using color, light and shadow to communicate the wonder I felt by a landscape that often goes unseen because it is perceived as bleak and monotonous. My quest is for the paintings to bring a sense of calm and serenity to the viewer and to myself.

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