Jhenna Quinn Lewis

Red Head   9" x 12"   Oil   $2,700 (SOLD)

Studio Still Life   14" x 11"   Oil  $3,200  (SOLD)

The Ornament  10 x 8 Oil $1,500

Sparrow With Spanish Pitcher   10 x 10 Oil $1,500

Golden Crown 8 x 8 Oil $1,200

Four Plums 9 x 12 Oil $2,000

Jhenna Quinn Lewis says, “art is my way of communication and expression. It has been a driving force in me and my great love since childhood. From my earliest memories I have had this inherent fascination to express what I saw and to translate it. While my mediums have changed, I still endeavor to capture a wondrous glimpse of a moment held in time and to share it with the viewer.


I am drawn to simplicity of color, style, and composition. My inspiration comes from the Japanese masters. In college, I took courses on the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the art of flower arrangement. It is there I discovered the tenets of wabi-sabi, the adherence to beauty in the imperfect, the impermanent, and in austerity. I remove all that is unnecessary in my compositions and exercise restraint and simplicity. I invite the viewer to slow down, be patient and look, paying attention to all the necessary details. I believe this is why my works impart a meditative feeling.”

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