Gregory Packard

Gratitude 36 x 48 Oil/panel $15,500

Autumn Glow 40 x 30 Oil $11,000

High Mountain Dusk  8 x 16 Oil $1,800

March Sun   45 x 60  Oil $23,500 (SOLD)

Sunflowers   30 x 36 Oil $10,000

Sun and Sunflowers   36 x 30 Oil $10,000

Gregory Packard - Artist Statement


Painting to me is about the personal connections we make with all of creation, a language that corresponds directly with how we see and interpret the world around us and within us.


The physical act of painting is an experience of passion, somewhat directed with control, skill and luck. Whether the scene is in front of me while painting from life or a recollection of the warm sun on my face, all experiences past and present contribute to the finished canvas


In my experience painting is not a documenting of something but rather like capturing a glimpse, the pinpoint of a memory or the scent of a flower—it is experienced and gone quickly. Although at times a more literal rendering of nature is the best choice, more often I find a poetic or lyrical statement best describes how I feel about what I am seeing while painting. This simplification is the result of the enormity of creation. Beautiful nature in all its glory radiates so much more than just an exact image.


It is always my challenge to paint not only those qualities seen but those which awaken our emotional roots—our souls. If you are a melancholy person I want to put you at home by the weight of the sky in my landscape. If sanguine, I hope to open the heavens for you by simply painting the day's first light.


It is this daily life we live, the nature of ourselves and our world, that so excites me when standing before my canvas—life's vital creation that is my source of inspiration and humility.

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