Ezra Suko

Heading Home .   6x12  Oil .   $950   (SOLD)

A Merry Little Christmas .   6x8  Oil .   $650   (SOLD)


Summer Morning .  18 x 24 .  Oil .  $2,200

Puget Sunset .  11 x 14 .  Oil .  $1,100 . (SOLD)

A Ray of Hope .  8 x 8 .  Oil .  $800 .  (SOLD)

Quiet Morning in the Harbor .  20 x 40 .  Oil .  $3,800 .  (SOLD)

Olympic Gold .  9 x 12 Oil .  $1,000

Rainy Day - Red Light .  6 x 6 oil .  $475 (SOLD)

Rainy Day - Candlelight .  6 x 6 oil .  $475

After the Game  25 x 35 Oil $3,800

The Needle by Nighfall 24 x 15 Oil $1,800

Emerald City Lights  36 x 24 Oil $3,800

Gig Harbor - Winter Evening 12 x 16 Oil $1,200

Rainier by Morning Light   12 x 10  Oil  $1,000 (SOLD)

Clamming In the Cold 11 x 14 Oil $1,000

First Light Over the Sound    8 x 16  Oil on panel  $1,100  (SOLD)

The Moon and the Mountain    10 x 15  Oil on panel  $1,100 (SOLD)

A Silent Night   8 x 10  Oil on panel  $850 (SOLD)

After the Storm 14x18 Oil on Canvas $1500  (SOLD)

Ezra Suko

Born in 1981, Ezra Suko was raised in the Pacific Northwest. He began painting at age 14 when he asked his father (a former painter himself) for his old painting supplies. It was then that he discovered the joy of re-creating the world through paint. As he began painting, he observed nature and experimented in order to improve himself as an artist, and in 2001 award-winning artist Jerry Yarnell began to mentor him. Jerry instructed Ezra in the principles of composition and gave him helpful practical advice as a beginning artist.


For years Ezra’s preferred medium was acrylics, but recently he has enjoyed the marriage of brush strokes and softness of edges that can only be achieved with oils. The inspiration for his paintings comes from those glimpses of beauty that spark his imagination and which can be seen in the world that surrounds our daily lives. Ezra regularly makes pencil and oil sketches from nature, which he then uses in the creation of his studio paintings. His subjects range from the dramatic to the commonplace.


In March of 2008 Ezra enlisted in the Army and served two deployments in Iraq. The idea of joining the military came after he lost his brother-in-law and soldier Gabe DeRoo in Iraq. Gabe’s relationship to Ezra was more than just a brother-in-law, he was an inspirational role model. Ezra served from March of 2008 to October of 2011 with the 3d U.S. Cavalry from Ft Hood, TX.


Now, with new life experience to draw from, Ezra has traded his Army rifle back in for his paintbrush and is prepared to create new and inspiring canvases with the aim of celebrating the good, true and beautiful things of life.


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