The Warning     32 x 40  Oil on canvas   $4,340

Couloir     24 x 16  Oil on canvas  $1,950  (SOLD)

Down At the River Tonight    18 x 30  Oil on canvas  $2,150

Grey Morning     16 x 20  Oil   $1,700

One Sunday Morning     18 x 24  Oil on canvas  $1,950

Wolf Moon - January     20 x 24  Oil on canvas  $2,100 (SOLD)

Lac de Chats     24 x 30  Oil on canvas  $2,775

Northern Shield     30 x 36  Oil on canvas  $3,900

Stray     36 x 48  Oil on canvas  $6,075

Muskoka River     24 x 48  Oil on canvas  $3,900

Backroad    11 x 14  Oil on wood panel  $1,260

It Reaches to the Road    9 x 12  Oil on wood panel  $985

As Far As I Can See    14 x 18  Oil on canvas  $1,600

Winter Fields   10 x 12  Oil on canvas  $1,085

Service Berries    12 x 16  Oil on wood panel  $1,470

Northern Hills at South River    12 x 18  Oil   $1,450  (SOLD)

Harmony  12 x 8  Oil on panel  $1,095

Time To Turn Back   10 x 8  Oil on panel  $1,085

Pasture Near Renfrew     18 x 24  Oil   $1,950  (SOLD)

Lux Hieme     24 x 36  Oil   $3,450  (SOLD)

Aurora     26 x 24  Oil   $2,475  (SOLD)

Shades of Evening - Homage to Inness     16 x 20  Oil   $1,750  (SOLD)

Spring Speaks   11" x 14"   Oil   $1,075  (SOLD)

Tanden In Lucem     14 x 18  Oil   $1,550  (SOLD)

Hidden Creek   8" x 10"   Oil   (SOLD)

Wolf Trail 9” x 12” oil on wood panel  (SOLD)

Road to the Forest 16” x 24” oil on canvas  (SOLD)

Solstice 24” x 30” oil on canvas  (SOLD)

Weatherbeaten     12 x 16  Oil   $1,525  (SOLD)

Cold Night Coming 12” x 16” oil on wood panel

Valentines 18” x 36” oil on canvas  (SOLD)

Pin Drop     10 x 20  Oil   $1,450  (SOLD)

In the Dark     14 x 21  Oil   $1,750  (SOLD)

Born in 1962, David Lidbetter developed an early appreciation for the Canadian wilderness.


As a child the times spent traveling with his family through scenic provinces became the catalyst for his future painting career and an intensive art studio program in his formative teenage years solidified his love for art.


After many years of exploring various mediums and subject matter, Lidbetter has spent the last 10 painting highly identifiable and unquestionably Canadian landscapes in oil.


He works close to his home and studio in Ottawa, Canada in areas like Temagami, Gatineau and Algonquin Park. It is no coincidence that his work is reminiscent to the vistas explored by other landscape painters like Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven.


In fact David’s work has been recognized as highly collectable and described as “contemporary feeling Group of Seven scenes pared down to their essentials. [Where] mood seems more important than the actual details of forests, rivers and skies.”


David will spend hours and sometimes days in local forests and nearby lakes photographing, studying, sketching and absorbing the information he will later turn into larger paintings. He works primarily in oil on board and most recently has introduced casein and watercolours.


He says of his ever-evolving work “The scenes that capture me are often the ones that would immediately be overlooked by others. Something usually catches my eye, such as a change of light or a strong contrast of colour and shapes”

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