Custom Framing & Fine Art Services

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Custom Framing

We have operated our own custom frame shop for over forty years and have an established reputation throughout the greater Seattle area for the highest quality design and craftsmanship. We are experts at framing paintings, prints and photographs as well as all sorts of unusual items, including sports memorabilia, musical instruments, antique dental tools, christening gowns, scrolls, antique maps and the list goes on and on. With our expertise you may rest assured your art is protected and that your design and budget concerns will be satisfied.


H/M “Artist Series” Seamless Corner Frames

In addition to an extensive selection of standard framing materials, we also offer our own exclusive line of hand-crafted seamless corner frames. These frames are hand finished, starting with raw wood moulding. Each frame is assembled, sanded, then hand leafed and toned with custom finishes to compliment your art. Choose from many combinations of gold, silver, black and distressed finishes, each one a truly unique “custom” frame for your home.


Home & Office Art Consultations

Our staff of experienced art consultants are available for home and office appointments. We will assess your needs and help coordinate art selections to your personal interests, decor and budget. If you are already working with a designer, we are happy to assist them in finding appropriate art pieces for your interior. We believe that art is the most personal part of your environment. It influences the mood of your room and reflects the image of its inhabitants more than any other single element.


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