Connie Townsend

Sunglass Mutt   30 x 40 Oil $3,400  24 x 30 Oil $2,200

1800 Ewe Guys  24 x 30 Oil $2,200  (SOLD)

Howl    14 x 11   Oil   $550  (SOLD)

Love Travels   11 x 14   Oil   $500

One Way to Go   12 x 12   Oil   $500

Beguile   11 x 14   Oil   $500

Ewe/Big Chicken  24 x 18 Oil $1,200 (SOLD)

Canyon Road 30 x 24 Oil $2,200

Blue Mountain 36 x 48 Oil $4,400

Gold Standard 36 x 36 Oil $3,500

2GTHR  20 x 20 Oil $1,450

Slice of Life  36 x 36 Oil $3,600

Connie Townsend - Artist Statement


I like to work from real life or photos. And I will often resort to using myself as model. Like most people, I have had a life full of joy and sorrow. The part where I started painting, is hands down the most joyous. I started in 2002.


I received my Art Ed from Mt San Antonio College in CA in the 70's.  This served me well, when after a couple decades of blue collar work I started my own graphic design and T-shirt printing business.


As the Big Five O approached, I started painting for fun and loved it so much I began showing the work at local coffee houses. A couple galleries took me on, sales increased, I sold my 15yr strong T-shirt Biz and became this crazed, happy being. Sort of dog-like.

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