Cheri Christensen

The Red Dawn 18" x 24" Oil $5,200

The Whole Brood  16 x 20 Oil $4,400

Red Limo 30 x 36 Oil $8,600

Shy Chick   6 x 6 Oil  $1,600

Shop Keeper 12" x 6" Oil $2,000

Calf At Watch Me Ranch -  6 x 6  Oil  $1,400

The animals that Cheri Christensen renders in oils captivate the viewer with color and light and an essential beauty. They are elevated beyond the farm to the realm of nature where everything speaks of a miracle. These creatures whom many take for granted have become art objects, painted by a skilled artist working at the top of her form. “I paint animals the way I would any other subject matter,” says Christensen, who began her career depicting still lifes, landscapes, and figures. “I give them dignity. The painting is about the animal.” Cheri’s animals are full of the energy they would have in reality. The artist obviously has knowledge and love for her subjects. She says, "things have different rhythms or movements - chickens have a different rhythm than cows, and I want to move with those rhythms mentally. I want spontaneity. If I feel labored, then the painting will look labored and the chicken will come out looking like a stuffed chicken."


Cheri was born in Enumclaw, WA in 1961. She grew up on farms and with animals and developed an early appreciation for nature and always dreamed of one day having her own farm. She did not, however, imagine she would be an artist until a cousin introduced her to painting (her first career choice was in the field of costume and fashion design). She soon developed a passion for it that she could not abandon. She took workshops from the well-known painter, Ron Lukas, whose focus on colorism rubbed off on her and still influences her work. Today her paintings are highly sought after by collectors throughout the U.S. and her reputation continues to grow. Cheri now makes her home in Texas.

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