The Slough . 30 x 30  Acrylic.  $2,400

Reflections . 8 x 8  Acrylic.  $375

Moonrise . 8 x 8  Acrylic.  $375

Daylight Hours . 30 x 30  Acrylic.  $2,400

Northwest Passage   8 x 8  Acrylic  $475

Light In the Storm   8 x 8  Acrylic  $475

Winter's Light   8 x 8  Acrylic  $475

Goodnight Sunshine  11" x 14"  Acrylic  . (SOLD)

Solitude  36 x 48  Acrylic   . (SOLD)

Emerging Beauty  36 x 48  Acrylic     (SOLD)



Born in Mill Valley, California, Carol Pierce now resides in Kirkland, Washington. She has had a life long interest in art, and pursued studies in it as an undergraduate, and later at the Pratt Art Institute in Seattle. She began painting seriously after leaving the airline industry and continues taking workshops and private classes.


She is proficient in both acrylics and oils, using a subtle and varied color palette. Her abstract landscapes showcase her command of color and movement.


Her paintings are also exhibited in public buildings and are in corporate and private collections.


Artist Statement:

When I begin a painting, I always have an idea of where I want it to go, but there are times when the painting takes its own direction. Since I work with many layers, - painting, then scraping down, painting some more, and perhaps spraying with water or solvent – I’m often surprised at the interactions in various parts of the piece. The finished product is always an achievement and a revelation.




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