Serenity At Dusk  43 x 38  Oil  $7,300

Polish Countryside   23 x 26  Oil  $2,800

Misty Morning   23 x 26  Oil  $2,800

Sunrise    23 x 26  Oil  $3,000

Homeward Bound   23 x 26  Oil  $2,800

Lone Tree  12 x 12  Oil  $1,500

Andrew Skorut was born in 1969 in Krakow, Poland. This thousand-year-old city in Eastern Europe, with its impressive architecture, fine museums, and abundant works of art, is where Andrew spent his early years. Such intensely aesthetic surroundings undoubtedly had a profound influence on Andrew, who began painting at a very early age and had already decided to pursue a career as an artist by the time he finished elementary school. Despite fierce competition for places, Andrew was accepted into the Art High School (Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych) whose stringent artistic standards stimulated his interest in art still further. In 1987 Andrew emigrated to the United States, where he continued his art education receiving an ‘Honors at Entrance’ Scholarship. In 1995 he graduated from University of Utah as a PHI Kappa member, with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Shortly afterwards, Andrew was selected for a three months internship. This internship – a period of three months’ intense painting was unquestionably a key factor in determining Andrew’s future. Inspired and encouraged, he returned to Salt Lake, rented a studio, and began painting full-time.

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