Quincy Anderson

“Cadence”  40 x 60  Mixed Media on canvas  $4,400

“Samara”  40 x 60  Mixed Media on canvas  $4,400

“Swaying Mist”  24 x 48  Mixed Media on canvas  $2,300

“Murmuration”  36 x 36  Mixed Media on canvas  $2,600

“Water Voices”  36 x 36  Mixed Media on canvas  $2,600

“A Cappella I”  60 x 20  Mixed Media


“A Cappella II”  60 x 20  Mixed Media



Nature inspired large scale abstract paintings by Seattle artist Quincy Anderson are richly textured canvases of acrylic paint, oil ink and silk tissue collage. The intricate surface embossment and reflective quality of glazing enhance layers of images that appear and disappear as the viewer moves around the paintings. Anderson's use of complex color harmonies and reflective light evoke the lush marine environment and changing seasons of the northwest.  Calligraphic lines, enigmatic symbols and images of flowing water give these elegant works a distinctly Asian sensibility, creating a beautiful balance between organic shapes that echo each other and a geometric rhythm that establishes the architecture of the composition. The sense of space and movement leads the viewer to a place of peaceful contemplation.


Artists Statement - “Living where the forest touches the sea is to observe nature at its most dynamic. The wind and tides cause endlessly nuanced movement of the water. Storms first bring a graceful tension, then a wild dance and crazy howling to the strength and structure of the trees. The moon creates mosaics of light and shadow through the tangle of branches on a still and quiet night.


In my images I explore these movements and mosaics -- rhythms of waves; patterns of reflections transformed by water; erratic delicate pathways of falling leaves.  I seek to imbue my pieces with a sense of the balance between the chaos and the harmony I experience in nature.”

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